Dudley Very Light Railway (VLR) Project Progressing at a Pace and Exciting Discoveries!

Our project to build a 150 metre long by up to 11 metre high retaining wall, in readiness for the VLR project in Dudley is progressing at a pace.

On a very exciting note, the borough geologist discovered that the original land surface was from the last Ice Age 15,000 years ago and also that lower surfaces were made up of White bentonite clay (Volcanic ash) layers!

The works are being carried out in preparation for the VLR (very light railway) track to be installed on one side of the wall, whilst a building will be constructed on the other side of the wall.  When we visited the site this week, the works had progressed at quite a pace since our last report.

O’Brien Contractors were awarded the enabling contract on the project in Dudley next to the zoo to construct the retaining wall and carry out associated bulk earthworks.

O’Brien are acting as Principal Contractor on the project which is being carried out over a 35 week programme and our works are due to be completed by the end of May.

Creative Solutions

The client was looking for a contractor who could deliver creative solutions to provide an affordable scheme in line with their programme. The client also required a company with a robust supply chain procurement.

Having traded for over 60 years we have developed our supply chain to provide our business with the service required to meet our commitments to our clients. With long term trading relationships with suppliers of construction materials, aggregates, concrete, muckaway and recycling companies, we are able to select the most suitable option for each specific contract and operation which may not always be based on price, factors such as quality and performance also need to be considered.