Project Details

Castings PLC are a highly invested and forward looking modern foundry enterprise with 80% of production exported to markets around the globe, all from its base in the West Midlands.

  • Client: Seddon Construction
  • Project: New Warehouse and External Yard
  • Location: Brownhills, Walsall
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Value: £2.15m
  • Contract Duration: 36 weeks
  • Service: Earthworks


The construction of a new warehouse and external yard facility for Castings Plc in Brownhills, West Midlands.

The initial bulk earthworks operations carried out required the remediation of the 23,000m2 site, including breakout of existing structures to crush for re-use and the cutting and filling of 10,000m3 of site won material and subsequently capped with 10,000m3 of imported 6F2 granular fill.


A 180m long, 450mm thick concrete retaining wall was constructed to the perimeter of the building footprint with the wall heights varying from 2.2m high to 6m high, the foundations to the retaining wall was positioned on concrete piles. The foundation depths varied from 0.6m deep to 1m deep with a total weight of 205 tonnes of rebar used in the foundations.

The 6100m2 floor area of the building was made up of reinforced concrete ground beams and pile caps being constructed over concrete piles. A total tonnage of re-bar used in the ground beams and pile caps was 210 tonnes.

The associated drainage to the building consisted of 1000lm storm water sewer out-falling into a newly constructed 1000mattenuation lagoon which then fed into the neighbouring canal through a hydro brake manhole and newly formed gabion baskets on the embankment. A 200m3 attenuation tank was also installed to retain water in flash floods.

The externals consisted of a kerbed roadway, 2500m2 of tarmac car park and 5000m2 of 205mm thick concrete with a brushed finish, positioned on a bed of 200mm of type one stone.


“We have attached your recent evaluation which demonstrates the excellent service your company has provided on this contract. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and look forward to continuing our relationship when we work together again.”

Spokesperson for Seddon Construction