In the latest phase of the Army Basing Programme to support the relocation of 4,300 military personnel and their families in the Salisbury Plain area, the multi-million pound development will deliver up to 917 new homes over 3 separate sites.

  • Client: Lovell Partnerships
  • Project: Salisbury Plain SFA
  • Location: Salisbury Plain
  • Sector: Residential
  • Value: £3.1m
  • Contract Duration: 30 weeks
  • Service: Infrastructure Works, Section 38 Roads and Sewers, Highway Works

Working in partnership with main contractor, Lovell Partnerships, we will be undertaking the infrastructure works to the proposed scheme and these will include the construction of adoptable Section 38 roads and sewers, along with associated provision of services, i.e. gas, water, electric, IT and comms.

Also, the overall project requires the upgrading of existing county highways in the form of new roundabouts, junctions and highways. These works will be carried out concurrently by ourselves with the housing development operation.