Helping improve the student experience through the installation of an environmentally friendly under-ground heating system, delivered on-time and within budget.

We were awarded further works as part of the ASV phase one development. Our works were to provide infrastructure to the Aston Student Villages accommodation blocks. These included installation of Mechanical and Electrical services, involving 11Kv electrical power supply, communication and IT cabling, water mains, sprinkler main and fire hydrants.

The major part of the process evolved around the installation of a 250mm internal diameter insulated district heating main. The hot water that flowed through the main was generated from the on-campus Energy Boiler House where final connections were made.

“Through constant communication with Carillion and the client’s agent, Emprima, we managed to agree access stages with Carillion to carry out our works that minimised disruptions to theirs.  Daily progress was reported to all parties and due to the careful planning, we overcame the tight programme and finished the works on time.”

Neels Saayman, Quanity Surveyor, O’Brien Contractors

The service trenches ran parallel to the main Jennens Road through the village, up and along the new pedestrian boulevard. We also carried out all the underground installation services and ductwork connections into the new plant rooms in both Block A and Block B. For sections four and 5 we also completed all the new services connections for these blocks.

During the planning stage we realised that one of the biggest challenges we’d face was access to the works and a tight programme schedule. Our contract meant that we had to install the M and E works at the same time as the principal contractor, Carillion, was constructing the accommodation blocks.

Subsequent to installation, we carried out new hard and soft landscaping not only to the location of service trenches but to the phase as a whole.

Key Benefits

Our proactive approach to the project meant that Aston University realised many benefits from working with us, the key ones being:

  • Project delivered on-time by keeping to the programme deadlines and successfully communicating and planning with other contractors.
  • Environmental sustainability improvements by using recycled stone instead of quarried materials to backfill trenches.