3G is the cutting edge solution that’s helping sports clubs across Europe provide better facilities, make more money and get involved with their local communities.

The latest developments in synthetic sports pitch solutions means that they provide all of the benefits of natural turf pitches without the drawbacks. They last longer with less maintenance so they’re available for use a lot more meaning your sports club can generate more revenue, create closer links with the local community and think about how to grow rather than worrying about whether your pitch is going to be usable when you need it.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we live in a wet country and the combination of heavy rainfall and natural turf means water-logged and, often, completely flooded pitches. Then there’s the freezing winter temperatures to contend with. Both of these natural phenomena, which sports clubs have no control over, have a big impact on revenue and profitability and this is one of the biggest areas where going 3G can turn things around.

The porous layers that the artificial turf sits on mean that the water drains straight through into the subsoil foundation, which has a drainage system built into it when the new pitch is installed. The result – no more flooded pitches. Meaning less postponements and cancellations of matches, leading to more revenue and happier teams and fans.

You probably thinking that as 3G synthetic turf pitches are so cutting edge you’d never be able to afford one but it’s more affordable than you think; and because it’s going to be available more often than a natural turf pitch it will help you to start generating more income immediately.

We’ve got more detail in our latest brochure, see link below to download, about the benefits, the costs and the income you could expect to get over the five year term that you’re paying for the pitch. As well as some success stories from happy sports clubs and schools that have already gone 3G and are not looking back.

We’re pretty sure that once you’ve read it you’ll want to find out more so fill in your details and we’ll get in touch to chat about your requirements. Or you can just call the O’Brien Sports team now on 01926 423 918 or email us at [email protected]

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