Recently, the Construction Enquirer reported that a third of government construction projects are at risk of delay and cost rises, and this problem isn’t just restricted to the public sector.

Many construction projects run into these issues and from our experience we know that more often than not the reason for this is poor planning prior to commencement on site. This is why we always recommend that our customers get us involved at the earliest opportunity.

Through Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) on many of the jobs we’ve worked on we’ve helped our partners and customers to cut costs, improve the environmental impact of the project, and ensure that it is delivered on time.

One of the best examples of this is our work on the Student Village at Aston University. During the phase one development we provided infrastructure to the Aston Student Villages accommodation blocks, including installation of Mechanical and Electrical services involving 11Kv electrical power supply, communication and IT cabling, water mains, sprinkler main and fire hydrants.

Neels Saayman, our quantity surveyor that worked on the project, said: “Through constant communication with Carillion and the client’s agent, Emprima, we managed to agree access stages with Carillion to carry out our works that minimised disruptions to theirs.  Daily progress was reported to all parties and due to the careful planning, we overcame the tight programme and finished the works on time.”

You can read the full story here. But in short, by getting in early we ensured the project was delivered on time through effective planning and communication; and improved the environmental sustainability by using recycled stone instead of quarried materials for backfills.

So how can you use ECI to make sure your project achieves what it should, when it should, for the right price? ECI means O’Brien Contractors engaging with their client right from the start. This could be when we are awarded contracts as a subcontractor (i.e. from principal contractors – John Sisk, Morgan Sindall, Kier) or as a principal contractor directly from clients like Aston University.

By engaging with us early, we can work collaboratively to get a better understanding of the programme and help simplify the design, provide innovative solutions through value engineering, manage the risks and develop a mobilisation plan.

By doing this, we can reduce costs, save time, deliver operational efficiency, bring environmental benefits and ensure the highest standards of health and safety for our client.

With ECI, you’ll have the whole team in place at the beginning of the project which helps to achieve more for less at every stage and ensures that everyone is working together to the same goals.

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