Our beleaguered construction sector is on the edge of a recruitment and skills meltdown crisis that we all need to start taking responsibility for and now.

Last year, we talked about the issues the sector is facing in our blog, Pulling Power, and very little seems to have improved since then. At the start of 2016, Construction News published an article about the fear rife in the sector about investing in apprentices.

Construction is on a collision course for a serious skills shortage as over 400,000 experienced and knowledgeable trades people and professional services providers come up to retirement. Our sector is struggling to recruit young people and is failing to attract experienced people back to the sector following the downturn and inevitable redundancies, is it no wonder the industry is full of fear.

This infographic puts the stark numbers into an easier to digest format visually, but these numbers are not easy to swallow.


Together – we really need to start getting on top of this. Construction is set to grow and help the UK economy get back on its feet and without the people needed to deliver the projects, we will be unable to deliver on this potential.

At O’Brien Contractors we are doing our bit through training, apprenticeships and work experience to encourage our youth back into construction.  With this comes new innovation, higher levels of quality, achievable health & safety standards and the end result being cost savings to our clients across the board.

IF you would like to look at ways we can address this and help make the industry more attractive to young people, or if you’re interested in joining our professional and motivated team, call us for a chat about it on 01926 423 918 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon.

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