Nestlé's £200m manufacturing facility

A recent article in Building magazine highlighted that construction project costs have hit a five-year high. So how can you make sure that you keep your construction costs under control?

We always advise getting us involved right from the start with Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). The customers that have worked with us this way have made significant cost savings, improved the environmental impact of the project, and always have it delivered on time or in advance of the project deadline.

This includes the Longbridge Town Centre Project, which is a £100 million town centre at the former MG Rover site in Birmingham, featuring the Midlands’ largest Marks & Spencer store at 150,000 sq ft, a six floor multi storey and 500 space car park and an additional 45,000sq ft of retail, restaurant and café space. By working with us through ECI, our customer Morgan Sindall saw us reduce the programme duration by simplifying the design, providing innovative solutions and reducing the risks to the programme to guarantee the critical dates were achieved. This meant the project was delivered six weeks ahead of schedule. Read the case study here.

Working with John Sisk on the Nestle Tutbury Factory job saw the project beset by problems created by one of the wettest winters the UK has ever had. This meant the original plan couldn’t be carried out because of flooding. To go ahead with it would have meant an additional £250k cost and 3 more weeks on site, as more sodden earth and spoil would have to be dug out and transported to landfill than originally accounted for. So we came up with a solution that saw the earth re-used on site instead and this reduced risks, cut costs and saved time. You can read full details on how we achieved this here.

With construction costs on the rise at the same time as the number of projects are too, keeping costs under control is vital. Through ECI we can help you do that, as we will work collaboratively with you from the start to get a better understanding of the programme and help simplify the design, provide innovative solutions through value engineering, manage the risks and develop a mobilisation plan.

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