The country has been shaken by the Brexit vote and the political turmoil that has followed but what impact is it likely to have on the UK’s construction sector?

Understandably, many firms are feeling concern over the future of projects – especially those with European partners involved. Construction News reported that many projects had been put on hold pending the referendum result and that the delays are expected to continue as everyone waits to see what the Tory party are going to do next and when Article 50 will be invoked to set the withdrawal process in motion.

But the immediate impact has been huge losses on the value of British companies on the stock market and a plunging currency value, so the current mood is definitely one of uncertainty in the construction sector and beyond.

Our Managing Director, Peter O’Brien, said: “We are confident that the stability and growth that has returned to the sector in the past year can survive the Brexit vote. Projects can still be delivered with our European and UK partners while the changes that leaving the EU will bring are implemented over the next couple of years.”

So don’t let the Brexit uncertainty change your plans. By engaging with us early, we can work collaboratively with you to get a better understanding of the programme and help simplify the design, provide innovative solutions through value engineering, manage the risks and develop a mobilisation plan.

By doing this, we can reduce costs, save time, deliver operational efficiency, bring environmental benefits and ensure the highest standards of health and safety for all projects. Just like we did before the Brexit vote and just like we’ll continue to do no matter what the political situation brings.

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