O’Brien Contractors is helping customers nationwide to improve their environmental performance through reduced vehicle usage on projects.

Better quality air for the UK’s cities is the environmental goal that clean air bills and regulations aim to achieve but what does that mean for businesses that still need to move people and materials within urban centres?

If a recent article in the Birmingham Mail is to be believed, it means that building projects could be delayed or even cancelled due to HGV vehicles having to pay to drive in the city. But, a different approach to recycling of waste on projects would mean that building projects’ costs don’t have to spiral out of control because of Birmingham’s new pollution tax.

Working on the University Locks project in Birmingham, which provides accommodation for 659 students alongside Birmingham City University’s new science, technology and learning quarter, we devised and implemented a land remediation strategy that tested and cleaned much of the earth, enabling it to be incorporated back into the site. This diverted 2,210m3 of non-hazardous material from landfill, cutting our client’s disposal costs and meaning less material needed to be removed from site so fewer vehicle movements were required.

The project was located in Birmingham city centre adjacent to the very busy ring road (Lawler Middleway), Millennium Point and Birmingham City University, and the fact that storage space on site was very limited, it was vital that all traffic movements were planned in detail to meet the critical programme dates while also keeping the number of traffic movements into and out of the site to a minimum.

So, with a bit of forward thinking, projects can ensure that the number of large vehicle movements within a scheme can be carefully managed to keep the new pollution tax costs to a minimum.

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