O’Brien Contractors is helping customers nationwide to improve their environmental performance through reduced vehicle usage on projects.

Birmingham’s pollution tax doesn’t have to be a problem

Better quality air for the UK’s cities is the environmental goal that clean air bills and regulations aim to achieve but what does that mean for businesses that still need to move people and materials within urban centres? If a recent article in the Birmingham Mail is to be believed, it means that building projects could be delayed or even cancelled due to HGV vehicles having to pay to drive in the city. Read More »
Leading Midlands based specialist, providing land remediation, groundworks and civil engineering services across the region, including: Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Stoke-on-Trent

More affordable homes for the Midlands

As anticipated by our Director, Phil Griffiths, in our recent blog, 3 Midlands Construction Sector Predictions for 2017, the region is set to see a boom in house building. A recent article in Construction News confirmed that the Midlands will see £382m being invested to build 11,653 homes over the next four years. Read More »
Nestlé's £200m manufacturing facility

How to keep construction costs under control

A recent article in Building magazine highlighted that construction project costs have hit a five-year high. So how can you make sure that you keep your construction costs under control? We always advise getting us involved right from the start with Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). Read More »
Civil engineering specialist, providing groundworks services at RG Group’s Gallagher Retail Park scheme in the West Midlands.

3 Midlands construction sector predictions for 2017

In the summer of 2016, leading industry analysts forecast a year of global growth for the construction sector in 2017. So what does that look like in the local area? Our Director, Phil Griffiths, makes these 3 predictions for the Midlands region: Non-residential construction projects will continue to boom The Midlands is playing a big part of the UK’s ongoing economic growth and this is driven in part by retail, leisure and infrastructure investments. Read More »
Midlands based Civil engineering contractor providing earthworks, groundworks and infrastructure services at Beacon Barrack SFA in Staffordshire, West Midlands

Infrastructure investment on the up

Good news for the UK construction sector and communities with the recent government announcement of £500bn investment in new infrastructure, particularly in the transport, telecoms, flood defence and housing sectors. Construction News outlined the plans revealed in the Treasury’s National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline in their recent article. Read More »
O’Brien Contractors is helping to deliver the infrastructure and facilities that the Midlands needs to keep growing its economy.

Midlands a key area for growth

In July 2016, West Midlands Economic Forum (WMEF) published their latest Midlands Perspective, which shows that the Midlands region is set to experience small growth over the next year. You can read the full report here – it also speculated wrongly that the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Chancellor, Philip Hammond, were set to reverse austerity in favour of stimulating growth with a particular focus on infrastructure. Read More »
Investment in sport across the UK since the London 2012 Olympics helped Team GB to achieve the best results ever at Rio 2016

Better sports facilities deliver better results

Investment in sport across the UK since the London 2012 Olympics helped Team GB to achieve the best results ever at Rio 2016. Imagine what Britain’s athletes could achieve at Tokyo 2020 if that investment continues. Previously, investment in high-performance sport was minimal and elite level athletes received little financial support to help them achieve their goals. Read More »
There’s no doubt that the Brexit vote has brought a lot of uncertainty to the UK but our approach to construction projects hasn’t changed and we believe stability and growth can be maintained

Brexit: What does it mean for construction?

The country has been shaken by the Brexit vote and the political turmoil that has followed but what impact is it likely to have on the UK’s construction sector? Understandably, many firms are feeling concern over the future of projects – especially those with European partners involved. Read More »

The industrial warehouse boom

The economy is getting back on track and retailers both on and offline are seeing the boost in confidence increase their sales, meaning they need more storage for their stock. This change in retailer’s fortunes means that Construction Enquirer predict that warehouse construction specialists are going to be able to cash in on it, with a 5-year boom of building projects ahead of them. Read More »
The success of the construction sector is dependent on the people that work in it. As the stats in this infographic show, we’re facing a bit of a crisis. How do you think we can overcome these issues?

Constructing our future with the next generation

Our beleaguered construction sector is on the edge of a recruitment and skills meltdown crisis that we all need to start taking responsibility for and now. Last year, we talked about the issues the sector is facing in our blog, Pulling Power, and very little seems to have improved since then. Read More »

Getting in early

Recently, the Construction Enquirer reported that a third of government construction projects are at risk of delay and cost rises, and this problem isn’t just restricted to the public sector. Many construction projects run into these issues and from our experience we know that more often than not the reason for this is poor planning prior to commencement on site. Read More »

Building Birmingham

Birmingham is being rebuilt and regenerated and we’re excited to be working with our partners to help make it a better place to work, live and play. As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is starting to go places again. Read More »

Investing in Britain

The construction sector ended 2015 on a high note with industry figures showing house building went up in December and the Markit survey of the industry showing that more than 50% of firms expected to grow business in 2016. On the back of that good news came the excellent boost to the sector in the November spending review when the government also pledged to invest £12bn in infrastructure over the next five years; and with infrastructure investments confidence in a town or city’s overall prospects always tend to rise so we can expect to see a knock-on effect in other areas of construction. Read More »

It’s not boom time for everyone

Although nationwide the construction sector is seeing a slow return towards the boom times of lots of projects to choose from, sadly there are still lots of companies that won’t be around to do so. Earlier this year, Construction News reported that despite the strong signs of recovery we saw in the UK construction sector during 2014 things were starting to look rocky again when big players, namely GB Buildings Solutions and PC Harrington, both went into administration. Read More »

Why every school should go synthetic

Synthetic sports pitches are the cutting edge solution helping schools across the UK to provide better facilities, help their sports teams be more successful and generate more money while creating closer links with their local communities. The latest developments in synthetic sports pitch solutions means that they are the perfect option for schools that have to meet the needs of lots of different teams while balancing tight budgets. Read More »

Pulling power: how to attract young people to construction

Unless the construction sector can get more young people interested in working in the industry it is going to face some serious skills shortages in the coming years. As our managing director, Peter O’Brien, pointed out recently in his article ‘How to secure post-recession growth’ for Construction News magazine, one of the biggest challenges that the industry faces in coming years is skills shortages. Read More »
Isn't it time you installed a 3G synthetic astro turf sport pitch by installation specialist O'Brien Sports

Isn’t it time for you to go 3G?

3G is the cutting edge solution that’s helping sports clubs across Europe provide better facilities, make more money and get involved with their local communities. The latest developments in synthetic sports pitch solutions means that they provide all of the benefits of natural turf pitches without the drawbacks. Read More »